What are Dual Run Capacitors? A detailed Guide

In residential applications, capacitors are mainly a big concern in HVAC systems. But what is a capacitor in the first place. A capacitor is an electrical device that stores charge, which it then released to the motor during startup in powerful jolts, thereby providing it with the necessary torque needed to start and run. When … Read more

AC Fan Not Spinning? Why and What to Do

Your air conditioner has an inside and outside unit, each equipped with a fan. The inside unit’s fan blows cold air to the house through the ducts while the outside unit’s fan blows hot air to the surrounding. ACs outside unit’s fan is however more likely to fail than the inside unit’s fan. Depending on … Read more

AC Unit Buzzing But Fan Not Spinning? Do This

Outside AC unit fan

As long as your air conditioner is running, the outside unit’s fan should be spinning as well. It is the process of spinning that helps to dissipate the heat absorbed by the refrigerant to the surrounding, from the condenser coil. Have you however noticed that your outside/condenser unit is humming or buzzing but the fan … Read more

Why AC Capacitors Fail & How to Prevent It

Air conditioners need capacitors to start and run the motors. Capacitors give the AC motors the extra torque needed to start and run optimally and efficiently. Capacitors stores charge higher than the one supplied by the power supply lines (usually 370-440 volts). That allows the capacitors to release the powerful electricity jolt needed to start … Read more

How to Troubleshoot and Replace AC Capacitor

AC capacitors are vital components of the air conditioning system. They provide the AC motors with the necessary torque to start and run optimally. That helps the AC components to not only be efficient but also last long. A bad AC capacitor is however trouble for your air conditioner. If you don’t replace it early … Read more

How to Test AC Capacitor Visually & With Multimeter

AC capacitors are vital in how the air conditioning system works. They provide more torque to the fan and compressor motors, ensuring that they start properly and also run optimally and efficiently. When you have a bad AC capacitor, your air conditioner will not start or will take too long to start and even when … Read more

Does You AC Need a New Capacitor? Signs It Does

When your AC is not cooling, it is could be because of so many reasons. One of those reasons is a bad capacitor. So, how do you know that your AC capacitor is bad and that you need a new one? You can tell if your AC capacitor is bad by visually inspecting it or … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Run AC with a Bad Capacitor

old AC capacitor

One of the most common problem that homeowners have with air conditioners is a bad capacitor. And since it is not cheap to have a technician come over and replace it, the question most folks ask is whether they can use the AC without a capacitor or even with a bad one. Using an air … Read more

Start vs Run Capacitors – Differences and Applications

Most electrical appliances need capacitors to run effectively. While capacitors serve the same purposes in all the appliances they are used in, I will focus more on AC capacitors in this post. HVAC systems have start and run capacitors. In this post, I will tell you the differences between start and run capacitors and what … Read more

What AC Capacitors Do and Everything Else

Most appliances use an electrical component known as a capacitor to work effectively. One area where the use of capacitors is especially critical is in air conditioning. So, what is an air conditioner capacitor and what exactly does it do? Air conditioners need electricity to run and are therefore connected to your house’s electrical supply. … Read more