Weak Airflow From AC Vents? Why and What to Do

If your air conditioner (which had a strong airflow in the past) has a weak airflow now, there is something definitely wrong with one or more of its components. Before calling an HVAC technician to fix it for you, I would recommend trying the tips I will suggest in this post first. Weak airflow from … Read more

Why Your AC is Making Noises and How to Fix It

Air conditioners are not necessarily quiet, especially the outside AC unit. However, if the AC is making loud humming, grinding, buzzing, rattling, screeching, whistling, banging or squealing noises, there is something wrong which needs to be checked and fixed. So, what causes an air conditioner to make these noises? And how can you tell where … Read more

Are AC Covers Necessary in Winter? Any Alternative?

AC cover

The other day I was writing an article on how to clean an AC condenser/outside unit and realized that most homeowners didn’t know how dirty this units can get. I also got many question on how to prevent the condenser unit from getting dirty in the first place and if an AC cover is a … Read more

Best Way to Clean AC Condenser/Outside Coil

Cleaning your AC condenser (also known as outside unit/coil) can help the unit cool your house better and efficiently. Actually, one of the main reasons for an AC that is not cooling is a dirty condenser coil. While you can call in a professional HVAC technician to clean the condenser coil for you, it is … Read more

How to Clean AC Evaporator Coil for Powerful Cooling

Air conditioners have 2 coils, one inside the house and the other one outside the house. The coil inside the house is called the evaporator coil while the one outside is called a condenser coil. Both of these coils are heat exchangers. Inside the evaporator coil, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air and … Read more

AC Not Cooling? Why and 11 Ways to Fix It

An air conditioner that is not cooling is often caused by a dirty filter or a blocked condenser coil, which both restrict the free flow of air. It could also be caused by a frozen evaporator coil, leaking refrigerant, clogged/leaky ducts, blocked AC drain line, tripped breaker, thermostat problems or even bad capacitors. The work … Read more

AC Not Blowing Cold Air? Why and What to Do

An air conditioner pulls warm air from the house, cools it and then blows the cold air back to the house through registers. An indoor and outside unit connected by copper tubes where the refrigerant/coolant flows through makes up the system possible. The inside unit (evaporator coil) absorbs heat from the air while the outside … Read more

AC Won’t Turn On? Why and What to Do

An air conditioning system has so many different parts that all need to work together in order for cooling to happen. If one of those parts is faulty, the AC may not even turn on. So, what causes an air conditioner not to turn on? And what can you do to fix or force your … Read more

11 Signs/Symptoms of a Blown/Bad AC Capacitor

An air conditioning system is made up of many different parts, most of which will fail at some time. However, AC capacitors tend to fail more than any other part. When your air conditioner is not working, so many of these parts could be responsible for it. So, how can you tell that you have … Read more

How to Quickly and Safely Discharge AC Capacitor

discharging a capacitor

Air conditioner motors (compressor and fan motors) are powered up using capacitors. The capacitors supply the motor circuits with necessary torque to start and run not only smoothly but also efficiently. AC capacitors do not however last forever. Actually, most of the time when your air conditioner is not working, a bad capacitor will be … Read more