5 Reasons Heat Pump Aux Heat Keeps Coming On

The main advantage of heat pumps over other HVAC systems is their high efficiency. Unlike air conditioners which are usually paired up with furnaces for heating the house throughout winter, heat pumps can comfortably extract heat from the outside air thereby keeping your utility bills low. In some instances, a heat pump cannot extract the … Read more

Furnace Leaking Water? Why and What to Do

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water from the Bottom? The job of a furnace is to heat your indoor air (especially during winter) thereby preventing you from freezing. So, why would a furnace leak water? If your furnace is leaking water, you most likely have a high-efficiency furnace also known as condensing furnace, whose condensate … Read more

5 Ways to Tell if Your Forced Air Heating is Gas or Electric

Most furnaces are gas-powered. That is because it costs less to run gas furnaces over electric ones in most areas in the US. That is however not to say that gas furnaces are more efficient that electric furnaces, and there are areas where electric furnaces are cheaper to run. Telling whether a gas is electric … Read more

Are AC and Furnace Filters the Same? What’s the Difference?

The terms “AC filter” and “furnace filter” are used interchangeably and sometimes it is hard for some folks to understand whether the two are one and the same thing or they are totally different HVAC parts. Although AC and furnace filters do the same thing (remove impurities from the air), they are not exactly the … Read more

What is a Furnace Blower? What Does It Do?

What is Furnace Blower? If you have a central HVAC system in your house, you surely have a blower somewhere inside the house. An HVAC blower is needed whether you have an air conditioner paired up with a furnace or a heat pump paired up with an air handler. A furnace blower is a component … Read more

What Will Happen if You Don’t Change Your Furnace Filter

The inside of you home will always have particles such as dust, lint, pollen, animal fur, and mold among others that reduce the quality of your indoor air. Those particles are removed from the house by your HVAC system and trapped by the furnace filter. It therefore helps to understand the airflow direction in and … Read more

How to Tell the Way Air Flows in Your Furnace

A furnace has a blower which pulls air from the house, pushes it to the heat exchanger and later sends it back to the house after heating. The furnace also pulls outdoor air which is mixed with return (indoor air) for ventilation purposes. Understanding the direction of airflow of your furnace is vital when changing … Read more

How Often to Change a Furnace Filter – The signs.

Before air from your house (return air) and outdoor (ventilation) air is heated and supplied back to the house, it first passes through a filter. The filter removes dust, lint, pollen and other impurities to make the air clean To keep the HVAC system running flawlessly, the filter needs to be replaced regularly. Failure to … Read more