5 Reasons Heat Pump Aux Heat Keeps Coming On

The auxiliary heat in a heat pump system is designed to assist the primary heat pump in extreme cold weather conditions or when the system’s efficiency drops. However, if the auxiliary heat keeps coming on frequently, it can be indicative of underlying issues. Several reasons can trigger the frequent activation of auxiliary heat, including: How … Read more

Furnace Leaking Water? Why and What to Do

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4 Signs a Furnace Blower Motor is Bad/Needs Replacement

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5 Ways to Tell if Your Forced Air Heating is Gas or Electric

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Are AC and Furnace Filters the Same? What’s the Difference?

Air conditioning (AC) and furnace filters are not the same, although they serve similar purposes in maintaining indoor air quality and protecting HVAC systems. Here’s a summary of the key differences between AC and furnace filters: 1. Function: 2. Placement: 3. Filtration Efficiency: 4. Replacement Frequency: AC vs Furnace Filter One of the main reason … Read more

What is a Furnace Blower? What Does It Do?

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The Correct Direction to Install a Furnace Filter (Check Arrow)

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What Will Happen if You Don’t Change Your Furnace Filter

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How to Tell the Way Air Flows in Your Furnace

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How Often to Change a Furnace Filter – The signs.

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