About Us

Hello!  My name is Stephen, the founder of Plumbing Sniper. I am a handyman and a chemical engineer by profession.

I have fixed a lot of things in my house and friends’ house. I am good with my hands, especially when it comes to pipes and drains (plumbing in general). I am not very good with electrical systems and components.

I started Plumbing Sniper primarily to help ordinary folks with fixing some of their plumbing problems because I understand that plumbers are not cheap, yet most of the things we call plumbers for are quite easy to fix ourselves.

Apart from fixing plumbing problems in your home, I hope to also teach you how your drains work alone or in connection with other drains and/or fixtures. Plumbing systems are most of the time in “communication” with each other.

Whenever possible, I have recommended several high quality items which you can purchase while replacing some or part of your plumbing parts. This recommendations are tested to guarantee quality and are not solicited for by marketers or manufacturers.

To run this website (which is free) I have ads placed throughout the content but I have gone a step further to make sure that user experience is not compromised.

While I have written most of the content myself, I have also asked professional plumbers to write specific guides which I felt needed to be done by the pros. All this I have done to make sure that I am running a quality website with helpful content.

I hope that together we can grow this website to the levels where any plumbing query can easily be answered here. You can also connect with me on Pinterest here.

In case you have any issue that you would like to have me talk about or deal with, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to hear from you and revert back.