Water Leaking Through Ceiling After Shower? Do This

Water leaking through the ceiling after a shower can be caused by several things and that is why this is one of the hardest leaks to fix. You can however easily find the leak if you know where to look. If water is leaking through the ceiling after a shower, it is a sign that … Read more

Will a Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself? When It will/Won’t

It is not pleasant to unclog a toilet. Needless to say, the toilet bowl will most likely contain human waste and there is every chance that contaminated water will splash on you. It is that thought that has many homeowners whishing that a toilet will just unclog itself. So, will a clogged toilet eventually unclog … Read more

What is a Bathtub Overflow Drain? How Does it Work?

The thing about bathtubs is that they take quite long to fill up. What you therefore tend to do is turn on the faucet and step out of the bathroom to do other things as the tub fills. It is therefore very easy/likely to get distracted and forget that you had a bathtub filling with … Read more

Why Your Toilet is Gurgling and How to Fix It Quickly!

A gurgling toilet is caused by negative air pressure in the drain line. That happens when the drain line, sewer line or plumbing vent are clogged, resulting in suction/siphoning of water from the bottom of the toilet. Sometimes you will also notice the toilet bubbling after being flushing. A gurgling toilet is usually a sign … Read more

Why Your Toilet Keeps Running and How to Fix It

A toilet that keeps running is often caused by a worn out, dirty or warped flapper which fails to seal allowing water to continuously run from the tank to the bowl. It could also be caused by a faulty fill valve, bad flush valve seal, wrong length of refill tube, tight flapper chain or improperly … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pink Stains/Mold in Bathroom Fixtures

Most people especially those who live in areas with hard water will experience limescale or brown/yellow stains in their bathroom fixtures. Pink stains are however not caused by water quality. Pink stains, also known as pink mold in bathroom fixtures is caused by a bacteria known as Serratia Marcescens. The airborne bacteria are found naturally … Read more

Get Rid of Rust Stains From a Bathtub & Sink Fast!

Your bathroom sink and bathtub are made of white shiny porcelain or ceramic (or other materials) and will remain so unless stained. A brown discoloration is usually caused by rust and is not easy to remove unlike other stains. So, why is there rust stains in your bathtub and sink and how can you remove … Read more

How to Remove Black Sludge from Sink Drain Fast!

Are you seeing black gunk coming up from your sink drain. I know how gross that is and I will tell you where it is coming from and how you can get rid of it. Black sludge in your sink drain is caused by bacteria growing in the biofilm inside the drainpipe. The biofilm is … Read more

Toilet Won’t Flush But Water Rises? Why & What to Do

In order for a toilet to flush strongly, water has to be dumped from the tank to the bowl within a very short time, which is what creates the siphon effect allowing waste to be sucked into the drainpipe. The water being dumped into the bowl has to be siphoned out of the bowl just … Read more

How a Sink Drain Works – Plumbing Diagrams

Both your bathroom and kitchen sink are connected to the water supply system and the drain-waste-vent system (DWVS). The water supply system supplies water to the sink faucets while the DWVS carries wastewater out of the sink. The main difference between the 2 is that the water supply pipes are smaller in diameter than drainpipes, … Read more