Is Your Toilet Hissing? Why and What to Do

Why is My Toilet Making a Hissing Noise? A toilet is only supposed to make the gurgling noise as it flushes and the usual sound of water refilling the tank. If there is another type of noise coming from your toilet like whistling or hissing then you definitely have a problem. A hissing noise from … Read more

Will a Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself? When It will/Won’t

Is it Ok to Leave a Clogged Toilet Overnight? It is not pleasant to unclog a toilet. Needless to say, the toilet bowl will most likely contain human waste and there is every chance that contaminated water will splash on you. It is that thought that has many homeowners whishing that a toilet will just … Read more

Why Your Toilet is Gurgling and How to Fix It Quickly!

What Causes a Gurgling Sound in Toilet? A gurgling toilet is caused by negative air pressure in the drain line. That happens when the drain line, sewer line or plumbing vent is clogged resulting in suction/siphoning of water from the bottom of the toilet. Sometimes you will also notice the toilet bubbling after being flushing. … Read more

Why Your Toilet Keeps Running and How to Fix It

Why Does My Toilet Randomly Keep Running? A toilet that keeps running is often caused by a worn out, dirty or warped flapper which fails to seal allowing water to continuously run from the tank to the bowl. It could also be caused by a faulty fill valve, bad flush valve seal, wrong length of … Read more

Is Your Toilet Whistling? Why and What to Do

Why is My Toilet Making a High-Pitched Noise? Is your toilet whistling after flushing? That is definitely not normal. The only sound you would expect to hear from a toilet is the sound of water refilling the tank and the wastewater leaving the bowl. A whistling toilet is caused by a blocked/damaged fill valve. This … Read more

Cleaning a Toilet with a Pumice Stone – No Scratches

How Do You Clean a Badly Stained Toilet? If you live in a house with hard water, it is not unusual for stains to form in your fixtures like toilets, sinks and bathtubs. The two minerals most notorious for causing these stains are calcium and iron. Iron forms brown stains in fixtures since it combines … Read more

How to Unclog a Toilet that Won’t Unclog

How do you unblock a badly clogged toilet That won’t unclog? In most of the cases, a simple toilet plunger is enough to unblock a clogged toilet. But what do you do if your toilet won’t just unclog. If you do not have a plunger, a combination of baking soda, vinegar and hot water can … Read more

Toilet Won’t Flush But Water Rises? Why & What to Do

Toilet Water Rises then Slowly Drains? Here is Why In order for a toilet to flush strongly, water has to be dumped from the tank to the bowl within a very short time, which is what creates the siphon effect allowing waste to be sucked into the drainpipe. The water being dumped into the bowl … Read more

How to Know if Your Toilet Seat is Round or Elongated

How Do I know if My Toilet Seat is Round or Elongated? To replace a toilet seat, you must first know the type and size of toilet you already have. This is easy for plumbers who don’t even have to measure anything but a homeowner will need to measure to be sure. Toilet seats are … Read more

6 Guaranteed Ways to Increase a Toilet Flush Power

Toilet Flushes Slowly and Incompletely? A gravity flush toilet depends on gravity to transfer water from the tank to the bowl, where a siphon is created in the toilet trap in order for flushing to occur. To have a strong flush, a decent amount of water needs to be dumped from the tank to the … Read more