Are Copper Pipes Good for Plumbing? The Pros & Cons

Are Copper Pipes Good for Plumbing? For a long time, galvanized steel was the material of choice when installing plumbing pipes. That is no longer the case though. Copper, PEX, PVC and CPVC are the materials of choice in modern plumbing. By the way before galvanized steel, there was lead, polybutylene and even wood. While … Read more

Got Brown Water in Your Pipes? Why and What to Do

What Causes Brown Water in Pipes? As we all know, water is supposed to be colorless. Brown water from your pipes is therefore a sign that everything is not alright. So, why is the water in your pipes brown and what can you do to fix it? Is brown water in the pipes an emergency? … Read more

Is Your Toilet Whistling? Why and What to Do

Why is My Toilet Making a High-Pitched Noise? Is your toilet whistling after flushing? That is definitely not normal. The only sound you would expect to hear from a toilet is the sound of water refilling the tank and the wastewater leaving the bowl. A whistling toilet is caused by a blocked/damaged fill valve. This … Read more

Thermostatic vs Pressure Balance Shower Valves Guide

What is the Difference between the Thermostatic and Pressure Balancing Shower Valves? Traditionally, there were 2 knobs/handles in the shower. One handle was for controlling the cold water pressure and temperature while the other one controlled the hot water volume and temperature. That kind of installation posed one constant challenge. If say you are enjoying … Read more

Troubleshooting a Pressure Regulator – Problems & Tests

How Do I know if My Pressure Regulator is bad? A pressure regulator, also known and a pressure reducing valve as its name imply is a device used to adjust the pressure of the incoming water from the city to the house. The maximum allowable water pressure in the house is about 80 pounds per … Read more

How to Fix a Leaking Shut Off Valve in Minutes

Do you have a bucket or cup under your shut off valve because it is dripping? I know how frustrating that can be. What you may not know is that fixing a leaking shut off valve is incredibly easy and you will rarely need to pay a plumber to it for you or replace the … Read more

How to Find the Main Water Line to Your House

How Do I Know Where My Water Pipes are? If you use city water, there is a main water pipe which runs underground from the street through your front yard to the house. This pipe can either exit the ground and enter the house near the street side wall, or it may enter the house … Read more

4 Ways to Loosen a Stuck Shut off Valve Fast!

How Do You Get a Shut off Valve Unstuck? Your house has a main water shut off valve that turns on and off water to the whole house. There are also other shut off valves to turn off water to specific fixtures. These are the shut off valves you see under the kitchen and bathroom … Read more

How and Where to Find Your Main Water Shut off Valve

Where is the Main Water Shut Off in a House? If you need to carry out plumbing repairs in your house or there is a leak and you need to immediately turn off the water, you need to know where the main water shut off valve is located. Different fixtures in your house have separate … Read more

Telltale Signs of a Slab Leak and the Solution

How Do You Find a Leak Under a Slab? Houses built on concrete slabs do not have basements. This makes it very difficult to know when there is a leak in one of the pipes that supply water to your fixtures and faucets? Apart from that, detecting the exact location of the leak is not … Read more