4 Ways to Get Rid of Sulfur Smell From Your Drain

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sulfur? Sulfur smell in the house signifies the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. It is formed when bacteria break down organic matter, usually in stagnant waters with low oxygen content. The gas also smells like rotten eggs. A sulfur/rotten eggs smell from drains is a sign that the drain … Read more

6 Effective Ways to Unclog a Slow Drain

How Do You Clear a Slow Drain Naturally? A slow draining kitchen/bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, toilet or washing machine is a sign of a partial clog in the P-trap or drain line. In some instances the same could also be caused by a clogged plumbing vent. To unclog a slow drain, pour 1 cup of … Read more

6 Sure Ways to Remove Hair from Drains Naturally

Nothing clogs bathroom drains (except toilet drains) more than hair. It is very easy for hair to form a ball inside the draining which restricts the flow of water out of the fixture. At first, you will notice that your bathroom sink, shower or bathtub is draining slowly and if the clog is not cleared … Read more

Gas Leaking in the House? Quick and Safe Things to Do

What do you do if Gas is Leaking in the House? One of the most dangerous problems you can have in your home is leaking natural gas. To start with, natural gas is colorless and odorless (unless chemically altered) which makes it hard to notice the leak and the source. Not only is natural gas … Read more

Sewer Smell in the Bathroom? Why and What to Do

Why Am I Getting a Sewer Smell in My Bathroom? A sewage smell in the in the house is a sign of presence of ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide gas, which in essence smells like rotten eggs. The smell can come from anywhere including the kitchen, basement, and bathroom or even out in the yard. … Read more

Bathroom Sink Not Draining? How to Unclog It Naturally

How Do You Unclog a Bathroom Sink with Standing Water? A clogged bathroom sink is usually caused by soap scum and hair which combine to form a ball that restricts water from flowing and hence standing water in the sink. If you or the people who lives in your house have thick hair you will … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pink Stains/Mold in Bathroom Fixtures

What Causes Pink Mold? Most people especially those who live in areas with hard water will experience limescale or brown/yellow stains in their bathroom fixtures. Pink stains are however not caused by water quality. Pink stains, also known as pink mold in bathroom fixtures is caused by a bacteria known as Serratia Marcescens. The airborne … Read more

House Smells Like Sewer When It Rains? Do This

Why Does My House Smell Like a Sewer When It Rains? If there is a sewer smell in your house after it has rained, it is a sign that sewer gases are leaking from the plumbing system and accessing your home which should not be the case. But why is there a sewage smell in … Read more

Sewer Smell in the Basement? Why and What to Do

Why Does My Basement Smell Like Sewage? A sewage smell means the presence of methane and/or hydrogen sulfide gas which also smells like rotten eggs. In homes, that is usually caused by a problem in the drain-waste-vent system A sewer smell in the basement is a sign that the floor drain trap has dried up, … Read more

How to Use a Basin Wrench in Tight Spots

How Do You Loosen the Nut Under the Sink Faucet? If you are removing or/and installing a faucet in your bathroom or kitchen sink, you will need to loosen or tighten the mounting nut underneath it. That area is usually quite tight making the regular wrenches, pliers or channel locks useless. And that is where … Read more