You Should Never Have Smelly Drains – At Least If You Do This

Smells in drains is caused by decomposing organic gunk trapped in the drainpipe, dry P-traps, clogged vent stacks, poor plumbing among other factors. The following is a simplified version of how to deal with smelly drains: How to Clean Smelly Drains Cleaning smelly drains can be a really easy and fast task depending on what … Read more

Never Let Your Garbage Disposal Stink Again. Do This

Some traces of food and other wastes are left inside the garbage disposal making it smell really bad after decomposition. In some cases, the smell from a garbage disposal comes from outside the disposal unit, like the dishwasher or P-trap A smelling garbage disposal is caused by decomposing food scraps trapped in the unit or … Read more

If You Do This 8 Things, Your Pipes Will Never Burst

Water pipes burst when they are exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, for 4 to 6 hours. The water in the pipes freezes and expands, exerting more pressure than the pipe can hold causing it to burst. Water in your pipes starts to freeze at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). … Read more