How to Easily Replace a Water Heater T&P Relief Valve

A water heater temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve also known as the TPR valve is designed to open up and discharge water from the tank if the pressure and temperature are too high (210 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 psi). It is the water heater’s failsafe. TPR valves prevent water heaters from exploding. This is … Read more

Water Heater Smells like Rotten Eggs? 5 Things to Do

Why Does My Water Heater Smell Like Rotten Eggs? Water as we know is supposed to be odorless and colorless. That however does not always happen and most homeowners have experience a sulfur/rotten eggs smell in their water especially hot water. So, why is there a sulfur smell in your water heater and what can … Read more

Hot Water Suddenly Very Hot? Why and What to Do

Why is My Hot Water Suddenly Very Hot? Your water heater is usually set to operate at 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, the water is hot enough for your basic needs and to kill all the pathogens in the tank but will not scald. The temperature of water inside an electric water … Read more

Hot Water Just Lukewarm? Why and What to Do

Why is My Hot Water Lukewarm? A water heater is best suited to perform at 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, the water is hot enough for your needs and kill the bacteria in the tank but will not scald. If you notice that your hot water is no longer as hot as … Read more

How Long Do Water heaters Last? Make Yours Last Longer

Replacing a water heater before it completely fails is a smart thing. Not only will a ruptured water heater cause destruction of property, it can also injure or end human life if it explodes badly. So, how long can a water heater last? Or how do you know it’s time to replace your old water … Read more

Can a Water Heater Explode? The Signs to Look For

How do you know if Your Water Heater is going to Explode? A water heater (if properly working) will always have hot water in the tank. The thing about hot water as opposed to cold water is that it expands. When the hot water expands, it exerts pressure inside the tank. This is nothing to … Read more

Water Heater Pilot Won’t Stay Lit? Do This

Why Won’t My Pilot Stay Lit on My Water Heater? It is very frustrating when you are trying to light your water heater pilot light but as soon as you release the pilot light knob the pilot light goes out. Luckily, this problem has a solution and in most cases a simple, fast and very … Read more

No Hot Water? This is Why and How to Fix it Fast!

What Causes Hot Water to Stop Working? Whether you are using a gas or electric water heater, you will at some point encounter problems with it. Of all those problems, lack of hot water is the worst I can think of, save for the rare explosions. There is a difference between having no water in … Read more

Hot Water Running Out Fast? Do This!

Why Does My Hot Water Only Last 5-10 Minutes? Hot water from your water heater should last for as long as the volume of the tank allows it to. If it runs out way to fast, there is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. If your hot water runs out faster than it … Read more

How to Replace a Water Heater Element Like a Plumber

Water heater elements will need to be replaced at one point or the other. The frequency of a water heater element replacement depends on the hot water demand rate, quality of water and the quality of the heating element itself. Modern water heaters (above 40 gallons) will have 2 heating elements while old and small … Read more