Smelly Kitchen Sink? Why & How to Remove the Smell

How Do I get Rid of the Smell in My Kitchen Sink?  A smelly kitchen sink is caused by decomposing food waste in the drain line, empty P-trap, a clogged plumbing vent or a dirty garbage disposal. An S-trap instead of a P-trap could also be the reason your kitchen sink has a horrible smell. … Read more

Sink Fills Up When Running Dishwasher? Do This

How Do You Fix A Dishwasher Backed Up Into the Sink? You dishwasher and kitchen sink share the same drain line. If the drain line is blocked, running the dishwasher will result in water backing up and filling your sink. Wastewater from a sink enters the drain line from an opening at the top of … Read more

How a Sink Drain Works – Plumbing Diagrams

How Does the Drain in a Sink Work? Both your bathroom and kitchen sink are connected to the water supply system and the drain-waste-vent system (DWVS). The water supply system supplies water to the sink faucets while the DWVS carries wastewater out of the sink. The main difference between the 2 is that the water … Read more

Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up Into Each Other? Do This

Kitchen Sinks Backing Up Into Each Other? It can be frustrating and inconveniencing when you run your garbage disposal only for the wastewater and food scraps to back up from the other sink bowl. But why would double kitchen sinks back up into each other? What you might not know is that even though you … Read more

What to Do if You Accidentally Pour Grease in a Drain

What Would Happen if you Put Grease Down the Drain? Your drain-waste system is not designed to handle fats, grease and oils (FOGs). Whether you are connected to the city’s sewer lines or are on a septic system, you should never dump grease down your drains. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that … Read more

How to Kill Mold in a Sink Drain Naturally

Why Does My sink Drain Get Moldy? Mold spores are everywhere in our homes but you cannot really see them and most will never grown unless the conditions are favorable. For mold to grow, the surface has to be wet (contain moisture) especially at temperature of between 770 F and 860 F. The reason your … Read more

How to Fix a Leaking Delta Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

How Do You Fix a Dripping Delta Kitchen Faucet? Delta faucets are some of the best and long-lasting faucets in the market. That notwithstanding, they will leak from time especially in areas with hard water but debris can also play part in it. So, why is your Delta kitchen faucet leaking and what can you … Read more

Kitchen Faucet Leaking at Base? Do This!

Why is My Kitchen Faucet Leaking at the Base? A kitchen faucet (or any other faucet for that matter) is designed to be watertight unless when it is turned on. This is made possible by seals (O-rings) which ensure that water is contained inside the pipes and only flows out through the spout and not … Read more

Gurgling Sound from Your Sink? Why & what to Do

What Does a Gurgling Sink Mean? Is there a gurgling sound when you drain your kitchen/bathroom sink or when you flush the toilet? Can the gurgle also be heard when you drain the bathtub or taking a shower? A gurgling kitchen/bathroom sink is caused by a vacuum in the drainpipe, as a result of a … Read more

Kitchen Sink Not Draining? 6 Ways to Unclog It Fast

How Do You Unclog a Kitchen Sink with Standing Water? A kitchen sink with standing water is different from a slow draining kitchen sink as I have outlined in this post. Unlike a slow draining sink drain which is usually partially clogged, a kitchen sink with standing want is usually fully clogged. A kitchen sink … Read more