Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts – What Can Go Down

Proper usage of a garbage disposal is essential to maintain its functionality and prevent clogs or damage to your plumbing. Here’s a brief summary of garbage disposal do’s and don’ts: Garbage Disposal Do’s Garbage Disposal Don’ts The Do’s and Don’ts Let us now look at garbage disposals dos and don’ts in more details starting with … Read more

Should You Use Drain Cleaner in a Garbage Disposal?

Using drain cleaner in a garbage disposal is generally not recommended. Here’s a brief summary of why it’s not advisable: If you’re experiencing a clog or blockage in your garbage disposal, it’s safer and more effective to use alternative methods for clearing it: Can You Use Drano is a Sink with a Garbage Disposal? Drano … Read more

How a Garbage Disposal Works & Everything Else

This is how a Garbage Disposal Works in summary: Key Points to Know There are 2 types of garbage disposals. These are batch feed and continuous feed garbage disposals. In a batch feed garbage disposal, waste is grinded in batches. You the put waste inside the unit and then start it and let it run … Read more

7 Signs a Garbage Disposal is Failing – When to Replace

If you notice the following, your garbage disposal is failing and will need to be replaced: Garbage disposals cost between $50 and $200 depending on quality and size. The total cost including installation by a licensed plumber can however be as high as $500 depending on where you live. Signs of a Failing Garbage Disposal … Read more

How to Reset a Garbage Disposal in a Minute

Garbage disposals have a reset button which trips and turns off power supply to the motor when there is a power surge, if it runs for a long time, when the motor overheats, when it clogs or basically when there is something wrong with the disposal. This is how to reset a garbage disposal in … Read more

Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On? Do These 5 Things

A garbage disposal that won’t turn on can be due to various reasons, ranging from simple to more complex issues. Here’s a brief summary of common causes and their solutions: How to Fix a Garbage Disposal that Won’t Turn On When your garbage disposal won’t turn on, the problem could be coming from the garbage … Read more

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal Like a Plumber

Use of insufficient water to drain the garbage disposal or grinding foods rich in starch like pasta, potato and/or banana peels are the biggest contributors to clogged garbage disposals. Fats, greases and oils are also notorious. Foreign objects like silverware can also jam the blades, preventing them from grinding and draining away waste. Whenever you … Read more

Smelly Garbage Disposal? Why and How to Get Rid Of It

Some traces of food and other wastes are left inside the garbage disposal making it smell really bad after decomposition. In some cases, the smell from a garbage disposal comes from outside the disposal unit, like the dishwasher or P-trap A smelling garbage disposal is caused by decomposing food scraps trapped in the unit or … Read more

Garbage Disposal Humming? Here’s Why & What to Do

The way a garbage disposal works is that a motor inside rotates blades which in return grinds the waste entering it from the dishwasher or sink. The blades can however not grind everything. If you put in something that should not be put in it you will have problems. A humming garbage disposal is a … Read more