How to Adjust a Well Pressure Switch Fast!

If you need to adjust the pressure switch on your well pump to control water pressure, follow these steps: How to Adjust your Pressure Switch Adjusting a pressure switch is very easy and every homeowner who uses water from a well should know how to do it. The only thing you should remember to do … Read more

How to Replace/Install a Well Pump Pressure Switch

Replacing or installing a well pump pressure switch is a relatively straightforward process that helps regulate the water pressure in your well system. Here’s a summary of the key steps involved: Safety Precautions Replacement/Installation Steps What to Know Upfront As you already know, the pressure switch turns the pump on and off when the water … Read more

How to Check and Adjust Your Well Tank’s Pressure

Checking and adjusting your well tank’s pressure is essential to maintain a well-functioning well system. Here’s a summarized guide to the process: Checking the Well Tank Pressure Adjusting the Well Tank Pressure How to Check a Well Tank’s Pressure The following are the steps to follow when checking and adjusting the air pressure in your … Read more

How to Air Charge a Waterlogged Pressure Tank

A waterlogged pressure tank can lead to issues with your well system’s performance. Here’s a summarized guide on how to air charge a waterlogged pressure tank: Materials Needed Steps How to Air Charge an Air-Over-water Pressure Tank As mentioned above, a galvanized pressure tank will need to be recharged from time to time. If you … Read more

Is My Pressure Tank Bad? The Critical Signs to Look For

A pressure tank is a critical component of a well system. When it’s malfunctioning, several signs may indicate a problem: How Well Pressure Tanks Work There are 2 main types of pressure tanks. These are bladder and diaphragm pressure tanks. Both work the same way and most people don’t even know the one they have. … Read more

Types of Pressure Tanks: Bladder, Diaphragm, Galvanized

The are 3 main types of pressure tanks. These are air-over-water, bladder and diaphragm pressure tanks. Bladder and diaphragm pressure tanks are relatively smaller than air-over-water tanks and also offer a higher drawdown. Air-over water pressure tanks are cheaper, but need a bigger space to install and will need regular recharging. In brief, here are … Read more

How a Well Pressure Tank Works – with Diagrams

Pressure tanks store and supply water to your house under pressure with the help of compressed air. When the water pressure in the tank falls below the cut-in pressure, the pressure switch activates the pump until water pressure in the tank increases to the cut-off pressure. Here is a brief guide of how a pressure … Read more

How to Size a Pressure Tank – Factors to Consider

It is not unusual to experience low water pressure in the house for people on a well system just because the pressure tank capacity cannot cope with the water demand in the house. This is why it important to buy a pressure tank that can supply your household with sufficient water pressure even during peak … Read more

Low Water Pressure in Your Well System? 6 things to Do

Low water pressure in a well system is caused by a defective/old pump, low air pressure in the pressure tank, leaking/blocked pipes, clogged well screens, dirty filters or a faulty pressure switch. A clogged water softener filter can also reduce the water pressure in your house. If your well water pressure starts high then drops, … Read more

The 6 Clear Signs You Need a New Well Pump

Getting water from a well is very convenient and inexpensive. You are always guaranteed of constant water in your house without having to worry about monthly water bills. It is however not without its cost. Repairs and maintenance to start with are not cheap. One of the equipment that requires regular maintenance is the well … Read more