Galvanized vs Black Pipes for Natural Gas

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key differences between galvanized and black pipes for natural gas: Feature Galvanized Pipes Black Pipes Material Steel pipes coated with a layer of zinc Uncoated steel pipes Corrosion Resistance High resistance to corrosion due to zinc coating Susceptible to corrosion without protective coating Durability More durable and longer lifespan … Read more

7 Ways to Tell if You Have Lead Pipes in Your Home

Identifying whether you have lead pipes in your home is crucial for the safety of your drinking water. Here are several ways to tell if you have lead pipes: In the United States, houses built before 1986 (not all houses though) may have lead water pipes even if they have been remodeled lately unless you … Read more

Low Water Pressure in the Bathroom Sink? Do This!

To increase water pressure in a bathroom sink, you can try the following methods: How to Fix a Bathroom Sink Faucet with Low Water pressure There are different ways to increase the water pressure in a bathroom sink faucet. This will however depend on what you suspect the cause of the low water pressure to … Read more

Locating and Turning off Refrigerator Line Shut off Valve

Locating and turning off the refrigerator line shut-off valve is essential for maintenance, repairs, or if you need to move or replace your refrigerator. Here are the steps to do it: 1. Locate the Shut off Valve The first thing you need to do before turning off water to the refrigerator is to turn off … Read more

How to Quickly Turn off Water Supply for Repairs

To quickly turn off the water supply for repairs, follow these steps: Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Both kitchen and bathroom sinks have 2 shut off valves, one for the cold water and the other for the hot water. When doing any repairs like replacing the faucet or cartridge, you will need to turn off both … Read more

How to Find Hidden Waters Leaks – Outside and Inside

To find hidden water leaks in your home, follow these steps: Related: Signs of a slab leak. Locating the Leak Before calling in a plumber, you can try to find the leak in or outside your house and see if it is something you can fix yourself. Even if you can’t, you will be in … Read more

No Water in the House? Why and What to Do

Causes of No Water in the House and Solutions Troubleshooting the Problem I will with troubleshooting no water in the house for people who use water from the city. If you use water from a well scroll to the bottom of this post. 1. Is It Only 1 Faucet or the Whole House? The first … Read more

Tap or Bathtub Water Yellow? Why and What to Do

Causes of Yellow Water in a Tap or Bathtub and Solutions Note: Yellow water can sometimes be associated with health concerns, particularly if it’s due to heavy metals or contaminants. If you suspect water quality issues, consider getting your water tested by a certified lab. How to Fix Yellow Water from Tap/Bathtub The first thing … Read more

How to Adjust a Well Pressure Switch Fast!

If you need to adjust the pressure switch on your well pump to control water pressure, follow these steps: How to Adjust your Pressure Switch Adjusting a pressure switch is very easy and every homeowner who uses water from a well should know how to do it. The only thing you should remember to do … Read more

ABS vs PVC Pipes – What’s the Difference/Better Choice?

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)  are 2 of the most popular plumbing pipes. Although both are plastic, there are some distinct differences that make each better for certain tasks than the other. So, what is the difference between ABS and PVC and which one should you use for your project? The main … Read more