Clean Toilet Smells so Bad? Why and What to Do

Causes Summary What to Do Summary Smelly Toilet Remedy: How to Fix Clean Toilets that Smell so Bad As I have already mentioned, a clean toilet that smells so bad can be caused by many things. You can therefore be stuck on where to start troubleshooting. There is however a method you can use to … Read more

How to Remove Limescale/Calcium Buildup from a Toilet

Removing limescale or calcium buildup from a toilet is essential for maintaining cleanliness and proper flushing. Here’s a brief summary of how to do it: The best way to prevent calcium buildup in toilets, tubs, sinks, faucets, drains and water pipes is by installing a water softener. Negatively charged beads in the water softener attract … Read more

Toilet Gurgles/Bubbles When Showering? Do This

Causes and Solutions of a Toilet Gurgling/Bubbling When Showering: A Brief Summary Causes: Solutions: How Does a Blocked Drainpipe/Vent Cause a Gurgling Toilet? A vent stack is the vertical pipe which runs from the main house drainpipe through the roof of your house. It has 2 main functions. In order for your fixtures to drain … Read more