Water Leaking Through Ceiling After Shower? Do This

Why is Water leaking Through Ceiling after a Shower? Water leaking through the ceiling after a shower can be caused by several things and that is why this is one of the hardest leaks to fix. You can however easily find the leak if you know where to look. If water is leaking through the … Read more

No Cold Water in the Shower? Why and What to Do


Why Does My Shower Only Have Hot Water? Most homeowners will from time to time experience lack of hot water in the shower but rarely is there no cold water. But it happens. So, why would there be no cold water in the shower but only hot water will flow out? Before doing anything else, … Read more

Is Your Shower Squealing/Whistling? Stop it Now!

Why Does My Shower Make a High-Pitched Noise? The only noise that your shower is supposed to make is that of water pushing out through the nozzles. When a shower is squealing or you can hear the shower faucet make a squeak when turned on, you have a clog somewhere blocking the free flow of … Read more

What is an Escutcheon in Plumbing? Read on!


What is an Escutcheon on a Faucet? Think about all the water pipes exiting through walls in your house? Imagine there was no way of hiding the ugly hole through which the pipes come out from. That is where an escutcheon comes in. An escutcheon is a piece of plate or ring usually made of … Read more

How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head Fast!

A shower head is usually screwed on the shower arm either by hand or using a wrench, but removing it is quite easy. With time however, mineral deposits or rust may attack the shower head-arm connection making it stuck and unable to come off. If you find that you cannot unscrew your shower head, it … Read more

How to Replace a Shower Arm in 10 Minutes

How Do I Replace My Shower Arm? Shower arms will last for a long time but they eventually corrode and/or the finish starts to peel off necessitating a replacement. You may also replace an old shower arm in favor of a new and modern one. Replacing a shower arm is a simple task that most … Read more

How to Replace a Shower Diverter Valve in 10 Minutes

If you have a shower-bathtub combination in your bathroom, you then surely have a shower diverter which as its name suggests diverts water to the shower head from the tub spout and back to the spout when needed. There are different ways to install a shower diverter in your bathroom. You may have a: In … Read more

How to Replace a Shower Valve – Steps with a Video

How Do I Replace a Shower Valve? When your shower faucet is leaking/dripping water, you cannot achieve the desired shower water temperature, the shower handle is stuck or hard to turn, you most likely need to replace the shower valve. You may also replace an old shower valve in favor of a modern and better … Read more

Bathtub Faucet Leaks When Shower is On? Do This

Why Does Tub Faucet Leak when the Shower is on? When you have a bathtub-shower combo in your house, you must have a shower diverter knob on the tub spout or a separate shower diverter valve to divert water from the tub spout to the shower head if you want to take a shower. If … Read more

Remove Hair From Shower Drain in 7 Easy Ways

How Do I Get Hair Out of My Shower Drain? A slow draining or clogged shower drain is often caused by hair. The hair, soap, shampoo and other products form a sticky ball that is trapped in the shower drain P-trap, making it very difficult to drain water. A shower P-trap is a U-shaped bend … Read more