Private Sewer Laterals – Everything You Need to Know

Most homeowners hardly ever think about their sewer lines until they encounter slow drains or even sewage backing in the basement or other drains. And that is when you will hear the word sewer lateral from your plumber or even Google. A sewer lateral is the pipe which carries waste from your house to the … Read more

When are You or the City Responsible for Sewer Lines

Who is Responsible for a Broken Sewer Line? Sewer line repairs are not cheap. When you have sewage backing up from your basement or a collapsed sewer line, you will part with good money to have the problem fixed. The thing with sewer line is that waste comes from your home and ends in the … Read more

Calculating the Ideal Sewer/Drain Pipe Slope Easily

How Much Slope Should a Drain Pipe Have? Unlike water which is delivered to your drains under pressure, waste has to flow out of your house via gravity. The only way to ensure that happens without drainage problems is by ensuring that the drain/sewer line has a proper slope. Before going further, let me start … Read more

5 Proven Ways to Find the Sewer Line in Your Property

How do I Find a Buried Sewer Line? A sewer line, also known as a main line is usually buried in your yard and connected to the city’s sewer lines or septic tank if you are on a septic system. Unless you know where to look, it is not easy to tell where the sewer … Read more

Sewage Backing Up in Basement? Why and What to Do

What Does It Mean When Sewage Backs Up in Basement? Your basement is at the lowest level of your house. The sewer line exits the house from there as well and if there is a problem with the sewer line it will first be manifested in the basement. Sewage backing up in the basement is … Read more

Sewage Smell Outside the House? Why and What to Do

Why Does It Smell Like Sewage Outside My House? Your home’s drain-waste-vent system is designed to remove waste from your house and out into the public sewer lines or septic tank fast, without contaminating the surrounding and importantly without leaving odors. That does not however work all the time. You drainage system will from time … Read more

How to Unclog Main Sewer Line – With/Without Cleanout

How Do I Clear My Main Sewer Line? Unlike water which is supplied to your house at pressure, wastewater from your drains is carried out purely with the help of gravity. That is why drain lines and sewer lines clog easily compared to water pipes. To prevent constant clogs, sewer lines are big in diameter … Read more

The 8 Clear Signs of a Broken/Leaking Sewer Line

How Do I Know if My Sewer Line Needs to be Replaced? Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about our plumbing system unless there is a problem. Your sewer line for instance. You are happy you have one but would rather not think about it. Whether your think about it or not, your sewer line … Read more

Signs, Causes & Troubleshooting a Clogged Sewer Line

What Happens when a Sewer Line is Clogged? Waste from your house flows out through an underground 4-inch sewer line buried in your yard connected either to the public sewer line on the street or to a septic tank. The pipe is gradually sloping so that waste can flow out via gravity. That section of … Read more

Sewer Cleanouts-Functions, Locating them, Alternatives

What is a Sewer Cleanout? A sewer cleanout, also known as a drain cleanout is an essential component of the drain-sewer-vent system (DWVS). Most people do not however think about it until they have clogs or sewer backups in their houses. But what exactly is a sewer cleanout and what is its purpose? Or better … Read more