6 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pipes

Replacing pipes in your home is a significant undertaking, but it’s essential to do so when necessary to avoid potential water damage and health risks. Here’s a summary of tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to replace your pipes: How Do I Know When to Replace My Pipes? The following are the signs that you … Read more

How to Descale/Remove Calcium Buildup From Pipes

Descaling or removing calcium buildup from pipes is essential to maintain efficient water flow and prevent damage to your plumbing system. Here’s a summary of how to descale or remove calcium buildup from pipes: Materials and Tools Needed Step-by-Step Guide How to Get Rid of Calcium Build-Up/Limescale from Inside Pipes The main sign that your … Read more

Does Pipe Leak Tape Work? How Does It Work?

Pipe leak tape, often referred to as pipe repair tape or plumbing tape, is a type of tape designed to seal and repair minor leaks in pipes and plumbing fixtures. It can be a temporary fix to stop leaks until more permanent repairs can be made. Here’s a summary of how pipe leak tape works … Read more

PVC vs CPVC – Differences, Similarities, Specifications

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic that is molded into different shapes and sizes to form pipes and fittings. It is cheaper and more effective to use compared to steel or copper. Closely related to PVC is CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride). CPVC is basically a PVC homopolymer that has undergone a chlorination process to improve … Read more

6 Differences Between Plumbing & Electrical PVC Pipes

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) comes handy when manufacturing drain pipes as well as electrical conduit pipes. But are electrical PVC pipes the same as plumbing PVC pipes? Electrical PVC pipes are not the same as plumbing PVC pipes. To start with, electrical PVC pipes are usually gray while plumbing PVC pipes are white. Plumbing PVC pipes … Read more

Schedule 40 vs 80 PVC Pipes: Which is Right For You?

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Are Copper Pipes Good for Plumbing? The Pros & Cons

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How to Easily Find a Water Leak in Your Front Yard

This is a brief summary of how to locate a water leak in your front yard: How to check if the Leak is in your Service Line As I have already mentioned, the service line is connected from the water meter near the street to the nearest wall of you house, on the side facing … Read more

Troubleshooting a Water Pressure Regulator – Problems & Tests

A pressure regulator, also known and a pressure reducing valve as its name imply is a device used to adjust the pressure of the incoming water from the city to the house. The signs of a bad pressure regulator include very high or low water pressure, fluctuating water pressure, vibrating/noisy pipes, water hammers, leaking appliances … Read more

How to Find the Main Water Line to Your House

Finding the main water line to your house is essential for various plumbing tasks and emergencies. Here’s a brief summary of how to locate it: 3 Ways to Find a House’s Water Line There are 3 ways you can use to find buried main water pipes to a house and where they enter the house. … Read more