2 Ways to Fix a Leaking Bathtub Overflow Drain

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What is a Bathtub Overflow Drain? How Does it Work?

A bathtub overflow drain is a crucial component of a bathtub plumbing system. It serves as a secondary drainage point to prevent overflowing if the primary drain gets blocked or if the water level in the tub rises too high during use. Here’s how a bathtub overflow drain works: Bathtub Overflow Drain Diagram If you … Read more

6 Sure Ways to Remove Hair from Drains Naturally

Nothing clogs bathroom drains (except toilet drains) more than hair. It is very easy for hair to form a ball inside the draining which restricts the flow of water out of the fixture. At first, you will notice that your bathroom sink, shower or bathtub is draining slowly and if the clog is not cleared … Read more

4 Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Methods – Pros & Cons

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Sewer Smell in the Bathroom? Why and What to Do

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Bathroom Sink Not Draining? How to Unclog It Naturally

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House Smells Like Sewer When It Rains? Do This

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Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Septic-Safe? Find Out Here

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Why You Should Remove Your House’s Sewer Trap

House traps, which are also known as plumbing or sewer traps are installed to prevent sewer gases from coming up to your house through fixture drains? Their shape (U-shape) allows them to hold water at all times which acts as a barrier for the sewer gases. If you have been frequently experiencing slow drains, sewage … Read more