What are Dual Run Capacitors? A detailed Guide

Dual run capacitors are essential components in many air conditioning and HVAC systems. They serve a dual purpose by providing electrical boosts to both the compressor and the fan motor. These capacitors are designed to improve the efficiency and performance of these critical AC components. Key points about dual run capacitors: Features of Dual Run … Read more

AC Fan Not Spinning? Why and What to Do

In most cases, your AC motor will fail to spin because of a failed capacitor. It could also be due to a burnout fan motor, dirty motor axle, tripped circuit breaker, bad contactor, slipped/broken fan belts or restricted airflow to the unit. Common Causes What to Do Troubleshooting an AC Fan That is Not Spinning … Read more

AC Unit Buzzing But Fan Not Spinning? Do This

Outside AC unit fan

When your AC unit is buzzing but the fan is not spinning, it’s a common issue that can be caused by various factors. This problem can lead to reduced cooling efficiency or even a complete breakdown of your air conditioning system. Here’s a summary of the causes and solutions for this problem: Causes Solutions The … Read more

Why AC Capacitors Fail & How to Prevent It

AC Capacitors are critical components in air conditioning systems, serving to start and run the compressor and fan motors efficiently. However, they can fail over time, leading to AC malfunction. Causes of AC Capacitor Failure Preventive Measures How to Tell if Your AC Capacitor is Blown Some of the first signs that you have blown … Read more

How to Troubleshoot and Replace AC Capacitor

Troubleshooting and replacing an AC capacitor is a crucial task in maintaining your air conditioning system’s functionality. Here’s a brief summary of the steps involved: Troubleshooting: Replacing the Capacitor: Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner Capacitor There are 3 ways you can tell if your air conditioner capacitor is blown. They include: So what are the telltale … Read more

How to Test AC Capacitor Visually & With Multimeter

Here is how to visually check an AC capacitor: Testing with a Multimeter Run vs Start AC Capacitors There are start and run capacitors in HVAC systems. Start capacitors provide torque to the compressor motor during startup and then disconnects from the circuit. Run capacitors provides torque to the motor during startup but also continues … Read more

Does You AC Need a New Capacitor? Signs It Does

Determining whether your air conditioning (AC) unit needs a new capacitor is crucial for maintaining its performance. Here are the signs to watch out for to help you identify if your AC requires a capacitor replacement: Why ACs Need Capacitors Let us start by defining a capacitor. A capacitor is a device that stores charge … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Run AC with a Bad Capacitor

old AC capacitor

Running an air conditioner with a bad capacitor is ill-advised and can lead to various detrimental consequences. A capacitor is a vital component of the AC system responsible for starting and running the compressor and fan motors efficiently. Here’s why you shouldn’t run your AC with a faulty capacitor: Why Does an Air Conditioner Need … Read more

Start vs Run Capacitors – Differences and Applications

Start and run capacitors are distinct electrical components used in air conditioning and other electric motor-driven systems, each serving specific purposes. Understanding the differences and applications of these capacitors is essential for maintaining and troubleshooting such systems. Start Capacitors Run Capacitors Start vs Run Capacitors: The Differences. After the brief introduction on the basics of … Read more

What AC Capacitors Do and Everything Else

AC capacitors serve a critical role in the operation of air conditioning systems. These capacitors are responsible for storing and releasing electrical energy to help start and run the motors that power essential components in an AC unit, primarily the compressor and the fan. Capacitors provide the necessary electrical phase shift to ensure the motors … Read more