Slow Draining Kitchen Sink? 7 Sure-Fire Fixes

What Causes a Slow Draining Kitchen Sink? A slow draining kitchen sink is basically a partial clog that is about to become a full clog (a sink that won’t drain at all). A slow draining kitchen sink is usually caused by fats, oils grease and foods that stick on the drainpipe and P-trap restricting the … Read more

Water Smells Like Sulfur/Rotten Eggs? Fix It Now!

Ideally, water should not have a distinctive smell or taste. That is however not always the case. For people who especially use water from a well, you will t one point or another detect a sulfur smell in the water which is not pleasant at all. A sulfur or rotten egg smell in water indicates … Read more

How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover in 5 Minutes

A shower drain cover is a small finished piece that is installed on top of the shower drain opening to prevent dirt from falling in and clogging the shower. Even with a drain cover on, hair, soap scum, mineral deposits and other types of debris still manage to enter the shower drain and clog it. … Read more

How to Clean Your Shower Head – More Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the shower is often caused by a clogged shower head. This is mostly due to debris and minerals deposits especially calcium blocking the fine nozzles of the shower head. To clean a shower head, disconnect it from the shower arm and immerse it in a bowl full off equal parts water … Read more

Slow Draining Bathtub? Here is How to Fix It Naturally

A bathtub should drain full in 2 to 4 minutes. If takes way longer than that, there is an underlying problem that you need to attend to. A slow draining bathtub is caused by hair, mineral deposits, soap scum and other bathroom products accumulating in the drain and trap. The accumulation restricts the free flow … Read more

Leaking Moen Shower/Bathtub Faucet? Fix It Now

Moen Shower faucets are some of the best in the industry. Although they last longer than most of the other faucets, the definitely don’t last forever. You will from time to time deal with a leaking Moen shower/bathtub faucet. A leaking Moen shower faucet is usually caused by a faulty cartridge. The 2 washers which … Read more

How to Unclog a Shower Drain Like a Plumber

A clogged or slow draining shower drain is caused by hair, soap scum and mineral deposits that stick on the drainpipe and trap, restricting the flow of water. In some instances, clogged sewer lines or a blocked vent stack can cause the shower drain to back up or gurgle when another fixture drains. A coat … Read more

Shower Head Dripping/Leaking? This is How to Fix It

A constantly dripping shower head is not only irritating but an expensive problem to have. Not only will it increase your water bills but it will also stain your bathroom surface and walls, and hence the need to fix it as soon as possible. A leaking/dripping shower head is caused by a worn out faucet … Read more

Low Water Pressure in Bathtub Faucet? How to Fix It

A slow running bathtub faucet means that the water pressure in your lines is insufficient, or the water flow is being obstructed by something. The first thing therefore that you should is to determine if the problem is isolated to your bathtub or the entire house. Low water pressure is a bathtub faucet is caused … Read more

Bathtub Faucet Leaking – Here is Why and How to Fix It

Is water leaking or dripping from your bathtub faucet? You are not a lot alone. That is a problem that will affect every homeowner after every few years. A leaking bathtub faucet is not only annoying, but expensive if left unfixed for a while. But what causes a bathtub faucet to start leaking, or continuously … Read more