Types of Bathtub Spouts – And How to Replace Each


A bathtub spout can last for many years depending on its quality among other factors. Nonetheless, at one point or another you will need to replace it. To do that you will first need to know the type of bathtub you have. Bathtub spouts are categorized according to how they are installed, their appearance, how … Read more

How to Fix a Stripped Faucet Handle Fast!

A faucet handle is usually connected to the cartridge (also known as a faucet stem) inside the faucet valve. The cartridge is responsible for turning the water on and off as well as regulating the water pressure/volume when you the handle clockwise or counterclockwise. The tip of the faucet stem has teeth (splines) which must … Read more

Faucet Aerators – What they Do, Sizes, Types, Replacement

What are Faucet Aerators? Have you ever noticed that water from a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet feels soft to the touch compared with water from an outside faucet? That is made possible by a small part of the faucet called an aerator. If you insert a finger inside the tip of the bathroom or … Read more