How to Unclog a Washing Machine Drain Easily

Clogged Washer Drain Backing Up? A washing machine drains water into the drainpipe through the drain hose at the back of the washer, after every wash cycle. This water flows out of the washing machine drainpipe and into the main house drainpipe and finally out into the city sewer line or septic tank. If you … Read more

Washer Not Filling with Water? Here’s What to Do

Why is There No Water Going into My Washing Machine? For effective washing of your laundry, water has to fill the washer drum during the wash and rinse cycles. If your washing machine is not filling with water at all or not filing with enough water, there are things you need to check on your … Read more

Washer Won’t Spin? 8 Things to Do to Fix It

What is the Problem if the Washing Machine Won’t Spin? A washing machine has so many mechanical and electrical parts that must all work in sync in order for it to execute all the commands it is tasked with. If any of these parts is faulty, the washer will simply not work, at least not … Read more

Washing Machine Won’t Drain? 6 Things to Do

Why is My Washing Machine Not Draining? A washing machine is designed to drain water from the tub by spinning in the opposite direction it did during the washing or rinsing cycle. If your clothes are still soaked after washing, or there is water pooling in the washer drum even after the washing cycle is … Read more

Washer Dryer Combos – Everything You Need to Know

What is a Washer Dryer Combo? A washer dryer combo is an integrated unit that performs the functions of a stand-alone washer and dryer from start to finish while occupying half the space. Their main advantage is that they are space-economic and flexible in positioning. Instead of transferring your wet load from the washer to … Read more

Washing Machine Smells Like a Sewer? 4 Quick Fixes

Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Like a Sewer? A sewage smell coming from your washing machine is definitely not something you can live with for long. While getting rid of the odor is usually pretty easy, you have got to first understand where it is coming from in order to fix it. A sewer … Read more