Signs of Clogged Plumbing Vent and How to Unclog It

A clogged plumbing vent can disrupt the proper functioning of your plumbing system and may lead to various issues. Here’s a brief summary of signs that indicate you might have a clogged plumbing vent: Signs of a Clogged Plumbing Vent A clogged vent stack communicates through the drains. If you find a pattern from your … Read more

Will Bleach Kill Drain Flies? Do This Instead

Bleach is often recommended as being one of the best solution to getting rid of drain flies, but can bleach actually kill drain flies? Or better still, should you use bleach to kill drain flies? Bleach will kill some drain flies but it will not get rid of all of them permanently. It flows way … Read more

Sulfur/Rotten Eggs Smell in the House? 6 Things to Do

A sulfur/rotten eggs smell in the house is a sign of presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. It is an absolutely horrible odor that you cannot live with and will need to be fixed as soon as possible. A sulfur smell in the house can be dangerous or not dangerous at all depending on what is … Read more

Slow Draining Bathroom Sink? Use These 8 Tips

A slow draining bathroom sink is caused by a partial clog due to accumulation of hair, soap scum and other bathroom products in the drainpipe and P-trap, restricting the flow of water. It could also be caused by a clogged vent or even sink overflow which creates negative air pressure in the drainpipe. To fix … Read more

Slow Draining Kitchen Sink? 7 Sure-Fire Fixes

What Causes a Slow Draining Kitchen Sink? A slow draining kitchen sink is basically a partial clog that is about to become a full clog (a sink that won’t drain at all). A slow draining kitchen sink is usually caused by fats, oils grease and foods that stick on the drainpipe and P-trap restricting the … Read more

How to Unclog a Shower Drain Like a Plumber

A clogged or slow draining shower drain is caused by hair, soap scum and mineral deposits that stick on the drainpipe and trap, restricting the flow of water. In some instances, clogged sewer lines or a blocked vent stack can cause the shower drain to back up or gurgle when another fixture drains. A coat … Read more

7 Practical Ways to Plug a Bathtub Drain Without a Stopper


It is very frustrating when you just want to soak up in the tub after a long day but the bathtub won’t just hold water. This problem is usually caused by a faulty bathtub drain stopper. A faulty bathtub stopper is often caused by debris/dirt or mineral deposits making it sticky, or it could also … Read more

Smelly Shower Drain? Here’s How to Fix It


Is there a pungent sewer/rotten eggs smell coming from your shower drain? Does it come immediately after draining the bathtub, flushing the toilet or it is constantly there? You should never ignore a sewer gas smell in your bathroom. In most cases it is the telltale sign of a bigger underlying problem. In some instances … Read more

Sewer Gas Smell In Your House? Here’s What To Do

A pungent sewage smell in your house is not something you can postpone fixing. There is no way you can enjoy the peace and serenity that a home provides while there is a lingering sewer gas smell everywhere. But what causes a house to smell like sewage? Where does that the smell come from and … Read more