How to Fix a Leaking Delta Bathroom Sink Faucet Fast!

Why is My Delta Bathroom Faucet Dripping? Delta faucets are without a doubt some of the best in the market, but that does not mean they will not leak from time to time. Continued use of the faucets causes wear and tear resulting in leaks. Water quality also plays a big part in faucet parts’ … Read more

Low Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink? Do This!

What Causes Low Water Pressure in a Bathroom Sink Faucet? The normal water pressure in a house should be between 40 and 70 psi. Homeowners will however experience low water pressure in the whole house but sometimes it happens in only one faucet. Are you having great water pressure in the rest of the house … Read more

Gurgling Sound from Your Sink? Why & what to Do

What Does a Gurgling Sink Mean? Is there a gurgling sound when you drain your kitchen/bathroom sink or when you flush the toilet? Can the gurgle also be heard when you drain the bathtub or taking a shower? A gurgling kitchen/bathroom sink is caused by a vacuum in the drainpipe, as a result of a … Read more

Bathroom Sink Drain Parts: Diagrams and Installation

What are the Parts of a Bathroom Sink Drain? Most people don’t think of their plumbing until something goes wrong. And something will go wrong someday. A bathroom sink drain for instance will need your attention at some point. Luckily for your, a bathroom sink drain has few parts which are all easy to maintain, … Read more

How to Seal a Sink Drain: Plumber’s Putty vs Silicone Caulk

What is the Best Sealant for Kitchen/Bathroom Sink Drains? If your kitchen/bathroom sink is leaking from below, you will need to remove it, apply a new sealant and then install it again. You could also be installing a new sink and wondering which sealant to use to create a watertight and long-lasting seal. Plumber’s putty … Read more

Sink Trap Leaking? Here is Why and How to Fix it Fast

Why Does My P-trap Keep Leaking? A leaking sink trap is not as bad as a leaking water pipe, but it is a problem you want to fix as soon as possible lest it damages your sink cabinet and floor. But why would a sink P-trap leak every time you are using the sink? A … Read more

Slow Draining Bathroom Sink? Use These 8 Tips

Why Does My Bathroom Take so Long to Drain? A slow draining bathroom sink is a common occurrence in many homes and is not a sign of poor hygiene practices at all. The design of bathroom sinks (unlike kitchen sinks) makes them very susceptible to clogs. A slow draining bathroom sink is caused by a … Read more

How to Adjust, Clean & Fix a Pop-Up Sink Stopper


Most bathroom sinks in the United States use a pop-up drain stoppers. This design of stoppers allows you to hold water in the sink instead of continuously running the faucet. The design also allows you to drain the sink without touching the dirty water with your hand. If you notice that your bathroom sink is … Read more

Sink Smells Like Sewer/Rotten Eggs?


Why Does My Sink Smell Like a Sewer? A kitchen or bathroom sink smelling like a sewer is not unusual. All fixtures in your house have a drain but those drains are not independent. They all drain into the main house drainpipe that is connected to the city’s sewer lines. If one fixture’s drainpipe has … Read more