The 5 Best Copper Bathtubs

While most bathtubs sold today are either made of fiberglass, acrylic or cast-iron, few are made of copper. I love copper tubs. Apart from being such an attractive material, copper tubs are quite solid and will last a lifetime.

copper bathtub

Most if not all copper tubs fall in the class of bathtubs known as freestanding bathtubs. These are bathtubs that are installed independent of the bathroom wall. They are placed in the middle of the bathroom, where apart from being bathing fixtures they add to the overall bathroom décor.

You can opt to choose a clawfoot copper tub, contemporary-style freestanding copper tub or even a soaking/Japanese copper bathtub. The thing about copper tub is that they look excellent whether you are installing them in room with a modern or vintage/antique style.

The following are the best copper bathtubs to buy:

  1. Sinkology Heisenberg Clawfoot bathtub
  2. Soluna Freestanding Copper Bathtub
  3. Sinkology Euclid Copper Bathtub
  4. Premier Soaking Copper Bathtub
  5. Native Trails Santorini Copper Bathtub

1. Sinkology Claw Foot Copper Bathtub



Clawfoot bathtubs originated in the Netherlands in the 18th century, with the unmistakable ball and claw design. These days pretty much any tub with feet is called a clawfoot tub. The design however became more popular in England and that is why they are associated with the Victorian style.

Sinkology TBT-6631CL Heisenberg is a handmade pure solid copper freestanding clawfoot bathtub. It is a single slipper clawfoot tub with the original ball and claw design feet that are hand cast with solid bronze.

These tub is made from pure solid 14-gauge copper. You can therefore be sure that the tub will last for centuries, and that is why Sinkology gives you a lifetime warranty after purchasing one.

The dimensions of the tub are 67.5 inches in length, 32 inches width and a height of 30.5 inches. As is the case with most bathtubs, its top is longer and wider than its bottom. Its inside dimensions are therefore 62 inches in length, 26.5 inches width, while the lowest point of the tub is 24 inches high.

You can choose to buy a model with an overflow or one without an overflow, if you love to soak up with more water. The tub also comes with a predrilled 2-inch drain hole.

Unfortunately, this bathtub does not come with the necessary drain and overflow kit. You will have to buy one separately. Thankfully Sinkology has the kit made of similar quality material and I would recommend that you buy the same. Faucets are also bought separately.

2. Soluna Freestanding Copper Bathtub



If you are looking for an antique copper bathtub that represents the best of the old world but still looks stylish in a modern bathroom then the Soluna freestanding copper bathtub is what you are looking for.

It is made of pure and lead-free 14-gauge copper. It has 4 decorative rings, 2 on each side that are made of copper as well and available in 4 finishes. The finishes are matte copper, café natural, dark smoke and Rio Grande.

This is a double slipper copper bathtub with a center drain. It is therefore a perfect choice for a single user or as a 2-person bathtub. Its flat and solid base makes it very stable, but will need a flat floor to go with. The drain hole is 2 inches wide.

One thing to note about this bathtub is that it is quite lightweight for a copper tub. While there are some copper bathtubs that weigh as much as 500 pounds, this tub weighs only 112 pounds. It is therefore a good one to install especially upstairs, where floors tend to be weaker.

The dimensions of this tub are 66 inches in length, 33 inches in width and a height of 33 inches. Its internal base dimensions are 50 inches in length, 23 inches in width and the lowest point of the tub is 23 inches high.

The Soluna freestanding copper bathtub has no overflow opening. Its capacity is 170 gallons

3. Sinkology Euclid Freestanding Copper Bathtub



If you didn’t like the Sinkology Clawfoot bathtub or if you are looking for a different style but of the same quality, you will definitely like this Sinkology TBT-7132HA Euclid handmade pure and solid freestanding copper bathtub.

To start with, this tub is longer than the Heisenberg clawfoot tub. It is 6 feet long compared to the clawfoot copper tub which is 5.5 feet long. Its double slipper design and a center drain further makes it a perfect choice for 2 users.

Just like all other Sinkology products, it is handcrafted from 14-gauge pure copper. It weighs 300 pounds and will therefore need a strong floor during installation.

Like the other double slipper tubs, this tub’s faucets are side-mounted so that they are out of the way for 2 people using the tub at the same time. Depending on your preference, you can install it next to the bathroom wall or further away in the middle of the room.

There are 2 models of this tub. One with a predrilled overflow and one without. Choose the model you want carefully. They are:

  • TBT-7132HA does not come with pre-drilled overflow hole
  • TBT-7132HA-OF comes with pre-drilled overflow hole

The overall dimensions of the tub are 71.5 inches in length, 33.5 inches in width and a height of 33 inches. Its internal base dimensions are 66 inches in length, 28.5 inches in width while the lowest point of the tub is 29.5 inches. You will also enjoy a 15-inches soaking depth.

Again, you will have to buy the drain and over kit separately. Faucets are also not included. Sinkology has these accessories though.

4. Premier Soaking Copper Bathtub


If you want to soak up the way the Japanese do, you need to get yourself a soaking tub. And if you specifically want a copper soaking tub this is the one you want to buy.

The Japanese-style/soaking tub are designed to be taller than other bathtubs. Most are round/oval in shape but you can also find other shapes. Ideally, the tubs are designed for soaking and really not showering, you use a shower to take a bathe and then climb inside the tub to soak.

These tubs come with a built-in seat so that you can sit in the tub for a long time without tiring. It also makes it possible for the tubs to take up less space than other tubs, as you do not need to stretch your legs out.

The advantage of these tubs over other tubs is that you are able to immerse you whole body all the way to the neck level inside the water. The Japanese also like to add some herbs to the hot water. A step stool may be used to climb in and out of the tub by short users or seniors.

The Premier Copper Products BTR45DB Japanese-style soaking hand-hammered copper bathtub is in my opinion the best soaking copper tub. It is beautifully finished with oil rubbed bronzed making it very attractive, especially if you can match it with other oil rubbed bronze accessories in your bathroom.

It comes with a predrilled 2-inch drain hole but features no overflow. Based on where you wish to install it, its faucets can be wall-mounted or floor deck-mounted.

This tub is made of thick and solid 16-gauge pure copper and weighs 200 pounds. It is therefore going to last for centuries, and it’s no wonder it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This being a round tub, its dimensions are 45 dimensions outer diameter and an overall height of 36 inches. Its internal dimensions are a diameter of 39 inches and a height of 36 inches. To fill it you would need 54 gallons of water.

The drains and faucets are sold separately. A step stool for those who would also need one has to be bought separately.

5. Native Trails Santorini Copper Freestanding Bathtub



Santorini is an absolutely beautiful as well as historic Greek island where lovers or even single travelers go to soak up in the gorgeous pools overlooking the sea as they watch the sunsets. This is a place you go to forget whatever that is going on in the real world and just soak up the sun.

The Native Trails CPS944 Santorini copper freestanding bathtub is designed to bring that Santorini experience to your home and to secondly pay homage to copper bathtubs’ European heritage. Through its design, it also tells the story of generations of Mexican artisanship and coppersmiths.

This is double round copper pedestal tub with a center drain that is big enough for 2 bathers. It’s available in 3 finishes. This are antique, brushed nickel and polished copper. Brushed nickel is the most expensive of the 3.

The tub is made of 16-gauge high-quality recycled copper for lasting elegance and durability. It does not come with the relevant accessories but I would recommend that you pair it with Native Trails’ DR290 push to seal tub drain.

Its overall dimensions are 66 inches in length, 32.5 inches in width and a height of 24 inches. The internal base dimensions are: 48.3 inches in length, 22.8 inches in width and a soaking depth of 16 inches. It weighs 94 pounds and has a capacity of 105 gallons.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons of Copper Bathtubs

Just like most things in life, copper bathtubs have their advantages and disadvantages. While the benefits of owning a copper bathtubs outweighs the disadvantages, it is still important to note down the problems of copper tubs so that you are able to make a more informed decision.

Let us start with the benefits of owning or buying a copper bathtub.

1. They are Historic and Stylish

Copper bathtubs just stand out. They bring a historic feeling in a modern or even a rustic/vintage-styled bathroom effortlessly. With a copper tub in your bathroom, you pretty much soak up the way European royalties were doing in the 18th century.

Another thing is that copper never goes out of style. Lots of things will come and go but copper tubs will be here with us for the long run.

2. They are Durable

Copper bathtubs lasts a lifetime. Once you buy one you are sorted for good. Unlike some other bathtub materials that will warp/flex, fade, rust and scratch, copper tubs maintain their shape for a long as you want them in your bathroom.

I have on more than one occasion seen 19th century copper tubs that are still in use and mint condition actually. Copper tubs tends to develop a unique patina (finish) as they age. In short they are just like wine.

3. Easy to Clean/Maintain

With acrylic or cast-iron copper bathtub, you will from time to time be needed to refinish them as they scratch, chip and/crack off easily. In the case of a cast-iron tube you will also need to repaint the exterior after some years.

Such problems are unheard off with copper tubs. They are also non porous meaning you will never have problems with mold or mildew. Cleaning them is therefore a breeze, and you don’t even need to use any harsh chemicals.

4. Excellent Heat Retention

All tubs are not made equal. Some retain heat better than others, and copper tubs are some of the best in this case. The essence of having a bathtub is to have hot water to soak up and relax. That experience may not be a particularly nice one if the water cools off too fast than you would like.

While most tubs in the market are double-walled to take care of this problem, I still feel copper tubs are still a point above the rest. This is a however a contested point depending on who you ask.

5. Different Styles Available

Unlike built-in tubs, copper bathtubs are available in many shapes and styles, and as such there is always something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a clawfoot, soaking/Japanese-style or pedestal copper tub you will find it.

They are also available in a variety of finishes. Oil tubbed bronze and brushed nickel are 2 of the favorite for most people. They style up nicely with other bathroom fixtures like faucets.

Other benefits of copper tubs are:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Recyclable
  • Corrosion-proof

Copper Bathtubs Problems/Cons

So what are the disadvantages of copper bathtubs? There are a few of them. These are:

1. They are Heavy

Copper bathtubs are quite heavy since they are made of pure solid copper. While that is a good thing since it makes them durable, it becomes a problem if you want to install the tub in the upstairs bathroom.

Not all upstairs bathrooms have strong floors to support the weight of these tubs. If you really want one in your upstairs bathtub, you may have to reinforce the floor if you suspect it might not support the tub.

Thankfully, there are some copper tubs that are lightweight so you can still get away with it. While that may restrict your options, it still better than missing out.

2. Water Splashes.

Copper bathtubs are freestanding bathtubs meaning they are installed away or just next to the way. Unlike 3-wall alcove tubs that have the adjacent walls tiled and sometimes even have a shower curtain, copper tubs are exposed meaning water have a higher chance of splashing on the wall and floor.

This is especially a concern if you have a children and/or wooden floor. We all know that water is wood’s enemy numero uno. If you are going to install a copper bathtub, you are better of tiling your floor and if not clean them dry after each bathe.

3. They are Expensive

It goes without saying that copper bathtubs are more expensive than most of the other bathtubs. Copper on its own is an expensive material, and unlike other bathtubs which are more of manufactured goods copper tubs are actually handmade hence it takes time and experienced coppersmiths.

The good thing is that once you buy a copper tub you will not need to buy another for a long time, or even never.


1. Can you use Epsom salt in a copper bathtub?

To clean a copper bathtub, use warm water, gentle soap and a soft sponge. It is always important apply a wax coating on the surface of the tub frequently to protect the finish. Don’t use Epsom salt or any acidic cleaners. These substances will strip off any applied finish, tarnish and corrode the tub.

2. Are copper bathtubs comfortable?

Copper bathtubs are as comfortable as any other bathtub if not more. Most of them comes with slant backs to support your back, neck and head. Their interior is also so smooth but not non-slip as well.

3. Are copper bathtubs safe?

Copper bathtubs are made of pure recycled copper with contains no lead. They are therefore safe to use. If you are ever in doubt, ask for the tub’s composition materials sheet.

4. Are copper bathtubs cold?

Copper bathtubs will be cold if not in use. However, as soon as you start filling it with water it warms up pretty fast, copper being a good conductor of heat. Once they are all heated up, copper bathtubs are excellent at heat retention.

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